The main legal practice areas

The TORMA Law Office offers its rich experience with providing legal service in the following practice areas:

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Trade law

  • foundation and stipulation of a contract,
  • legal analysis;
  • creation and processing of draft contracts;
  • court, trade and internal revenue services representation;
  • court and out-of-court recovering of receivables including filing motions for execution proceedings; execution proceeding representation;
  • bankruptcy monitoring; enrollment of receivables into bankruptcy proceedings;
  • drawing up proposals for bankruptcy proceeding;
  • drawing up complaints and other submissions;
  • commercial registry representation;
  • registration of trademarks;
  • protection against unfair competition
  • representation at court in all stages of judicial proccedings;

Corporate law

  • foundation of commercial company
  • matching of written records in commercial register with actual the situation,
  • creating internal documents of commercial company,
  • fusions and acquisitions of commercial companies,
  • transfer of commercial shares
  • increasing and decreasing of capital stock
  • dissolution and liquidation of commercial company,
  • erase a company from the commercial register,
  • preparation of assemblies of commercial companies,
  • representation at court and trade licensing office;
  • commercial registry representation;
  • undertaking and investments of foreign persons in the Slovak republic

Civil law

  • creation, requirements and proceedings of a contract of purchase, gift deed contracts, loan contracts and other types of contracts,
  • legal analysis; drawing up complaints and other submissions;
  • full legal service in transfer, transition and renting out of real estate, including representation at cadastral office proceeding;
  • settlement of joint owners
  • settlement of share coparcenary and joint tenancy of married couples
  • Representation of juristic and natural persons in court proceedings and other state power bodies;
  • court and out-of-court recovery of receivables including filing motions for distraint proceedings; distraint proceeding representation
  • representation in inheritance procedure
    collateral conracts, security transfers of law, cessions
  • family law (divorces, separate maintenance, child support, separate support, modification of rights and duties to underage)

Labour law

  • complex employment agenda of commercial companies;
  • creation and processing of employment contracts, notices of termination, immediate employment termination, agreements of employment termination,
  • agreements of material responsibility;
  • advisory services connected with employment termination;
  • court representation in litigation of void employment termination, wage compensation, damage responsibility, value deficits entrusted for charging out

Administrative law

  • consulting and representation in building proccedings
  • advisory services connected with the environment;
  • consulting and representation in offence proccedings

Criminal law

  • representation of defendant in preparatory proceeding; plea in criminal proceeding; representation of claimant and compensation of damages in criminal proceeding

Constitutional law

  • protection of the human rights and freedom within international law,
  • consulting and representation in proccedings of complaint before the Constitutional Court of the Slovak republic

International private law and International trade law

  • consulting and representation in proceedings with international parties
  • advisory services in international bussines (INCOTERMS, CISG e.c.)

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